Mining and enrichment production




R&D «Research of the ability to control the estimated grade of an ore (Cu, Zn, Fe, S) on the underground mine feeder of OAO «Gaiskii GOK» with the performance of experimental-industrial tests» OAO «Gaiskii GOK»
(Gai city, Orenburg region)
The design of process control system of the indurating machine, integration with shop floor systems OAO «Mikhailovsky GOK» 2011–till present
Process control system of the induration machine complex (5 million tons) Roasting plant (Azaran city, Iran) 2011–till present
Concepts for the development of complex factory automation systems producing pellets and a plant producing iron ore pellets with a capacity of 5 million tons per year of HBI complex AO «SSGPO»
(Rudny city, Kazakhstan)
2011–till present
The automated imaging system of press filters at the concentration plant OAO «Uchalinsky GOK».
Concentration plant
The development of technical enquiry to create complex automation systems of weighing equipment of the plant OAO «Uchalinsky GOK» 2011
The design of CCTV systems, fire alarm and firefighting systems at the facilities of OAO «Uchalinsky GOK» OAO «Uchalinsky GOK» 2011
The design of an automated information system of centralized supervisory control of «Angrensky» (AIS CCR(central control room)) section activity. OAO «Uzbekugol»
(Tashkent city)
2010–till present
The design of an automated tracking system and a system of supervisory control of railway and automobile transport (as a part of AIS CCR(central control room)) OAO «Uzbekugol»
(г. Ташкент)
2010–till present
R&D «The development of control systems of determining the useful components in the payable ore on a conveyor of the mine shaft «Skipovaya» of Uzelginsky underground mine with carrying out experimental-industrial tests» OAO «Uchalinsky GOK».
Uzelginsky underground mine