Nondestructive Testing Laboratory

Thermography is one of the most efficient testing techniques applicable to almost any object that includes heat exchange processes:

  • civil works (inboard and outboard of fence structures);
  • electrical equipment (generators, aerial lines, cables and connectors, breakers and separating switches, oil and air-break switches, instrument and power transformers);
  • Heating equipment (stacks, pipelines, thermal power plants, boiler plants, etc.)

Thermography involves the use of thermal imaging infrared cameras, thermographic imaging, temperature measurements taken at a number of points, thermal process monitoring and creating a database of thermal statuses.

For thermography we use FLIR Systems equipment from Sweden.

Upon the inspection we provide a professional report.

The key advantages of thermography include:

  • low time cost;
  • no shutdowns or dismantling required;
  • cost reduction due to early detection of heat losses and their causes;
  • failure and damage prevention.