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Siemens Digital Industries Software

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Opcenter Scheduling and Planning

This system is designed for production planning and dispatcher control. It can be used for both building plans covering a few weeks and for building strategies that would cover a few months or years. This solution can also be used for detailed sequencing and scheduling.

Opcenter Scheduling and Planning stands for an operational planning system designed for discreet continuous and hybrid production lines. The System delivers the following benefits:

  • reduced inventory and work-in-progress
  • better quality and shorter timeframes of production planning
  • higher satisfaction of Customers due to quicker response to changes

Opcenter Research Development and Laboratory

Digital transformation of your company can be reality today

A package of solutions designed for the automation of research and development activities of a production company.

An innovative way to enhance the formulated product development process. It gives production companies and steel producers an opportunity to make most of their research and development potential and to develop new products quicker. Opcenter RD&L is a flexible and scalable platform enabling to optimize all product development processes while coordinating them with production processes. It also helps ensure compliance with quality requirements and other regulatory standards. A tight integration of R&D data with production data and processes significantly speeds up the transfer of final product designs to mainstream manufacturing.



Analysis, simulation, visualization and optimization of production systems and logistic processes

A comprehensive package of solutions for building a digital model of a production site, which combines production process with product design and encompasses simulation modelling, development of technical processes and production management.

The Tecnomatix product line is designed for the automation of production process engineering. By combining data on the product, production processes, production resources and equipment, Tecnomatix helps production companies release more innovative products in shorter timeframes, raise productivity and ensure the proper product quality and higher returns.