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A comprehensive package of solutions for creating digital twins of your production facilities that ties together production processes and product design, including simulation modelling, development of production processes and production management.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation allows you to build intelligent digital models of manufacturing and logistics systems in order to better understand their features and optimize your performance.


Ensure support of decision making and minimize risks related to investment projects

In the case of plant revamping or restructuring, quickly analyze and evaluate different options and choose the optimum one

Identify potential for raising the performance and cutting the overheads

Early estimate the effect of the measures taken avoiding interfering in the functioning system

Make the system more flexible: analyze and adjust the system relevant to the current market condition and output

Implement automatic control over the production facilities


1. Correspondence of the digital twin to the actual manufacturing system

2. Using Tecnomatix to create a digital twin

3. Interactive simulation instead of a ‘black box’

4. Analysis and optimization of energy costs

5. Reports and statistics on the model


Application of all modern analysis techniques for eliminating bottlenecks and building Gantt charts and Sankey diagrams, as well as energy consumption charts

Multiple languages available. The software in Russian

Deep customization capability

Availability of the 3D model and process animation

Powerful basic functionality. Built-in libraries of standard equipment and processes. Built-in demo models

Modelling of the What-If scenarios

Flexible integration with external systems (ERP, MES)

Possibility to do simulation without prior compilation of the model. Due to this, one can monitor the work processes and adjust the parameters and the structure of the model, which is also possible during simulation

This product has a modern user interface with a band-type menu. If desired, one can switch over to the classical interface.

The interface gives access to the tools and the panels with object libraries. Models are displayed in the windows (frames), the number of which is not limited.

A model can have a 2D or 3D presentation. When building a model, both presentations are created and function simultaneously as all objects can have two presentations: as an icon and as a 3D model.



Faster new product introduction

At all stages – from engineering to final product shipping, Tecnomatix allows to coordinate the production capacity with the original design. It also helps control the production cost and sell the product faster

A comprehensive approach to complex processes

Tecnomatix allows to manage design changes, modifications and the interdependent elements of the production process during the planning stage, which results in a streamlined process delivering the proper quality right away

Enhanced performance

Reusing the processes based on the best practices combined with the possibility to streamline the production lines in a digital environment long before they are built in reality serve as the key factors for performance boost

Better cost efficiency and lower costs

Production engineering, analysis and step-by-step simulation, building models and prototypes – these are also forms of production investment. Efficient distribution of investment between a few product lines allows to significantly cut your production costs.

Strengthened production strategy

Tecnomatix helps enhance the quality and raise the compliance of the production process with the given specification due to a complete coordination between the product data and the corresponding production process


Up to 20% less investment required when planning new production facilities

Up to 10-20% higher throughput

Up to 20-60% less work-in-progress and shorter production cycle