About Us

Konsom Group was founded in 1995.

Konsom Group is engaged in the development and implementation of automation solutions for steel, power, mining and other industries. Konsom Group is a major system integrator in the Urals region focusing on building and upgrading corporate information infrastructures.

At present, KonsOM SKS is a coordination centre for Konsom Group, a group with over 450 of total personnel that comprises seven companies, each specializing in its own area.

The Group’s central office is in Magnitogorsk.

Our Mission

Coordinated efforts for achieving common goals!

The name KonsOM comes from the Latin ‘consensus omnium’ which means ‘through joint effort’. Almost two decades ago, this concept and the key principle laid the basis for a new company which has evolved to become a successful team of professionals enthusiastic about tackling complex IT tasks.

Due care and attention from both Contractor and Customer is a prerequisite to success with any project or undertaking. Success and any tangible result of joint efforts can only be gained if both Contractor and Customer see each other as Partners.

This mentality helps us to see a sustainable growth in the current economic conditions, keep push our boundaries and maintain a long-term relationship with our customers.

Key Areas

  • Supervisory control systems:
    • Process automation
    • Data integration
    • Equipment monitoring
    • Energy monitoring
    • Electrical power monitoring
    • Raw materials quality monitoring (based on a proprietary Production Analysis System)
    • Stationary vibration monitoring systems
    • RFID based transport tracking systems
    • Centralized supervisory control
  • Information systems:
    • MES
    • ERP-level Energy Monitoring System
    • Energy saving systems
    • Motor hours monitoring systems.
  • IT infrastructure:
    • Corporate multiservice networks
    • Fiber optic backbone cable systems
    • Structured cabling systems intended for office buildings.
    • Industrial Ethernet, Profibus and wireless networks
    • Data processing centres
    • Infrastructure management systems.
  • Security systems:
    • Industrial TV and surveillance
    • Security and fire alarm
    • Access control
    • Comprehensive security solutions.

Licenses and Certificates

KonsOM SKS has been awarded the following licenses and certificates verifying the company’s right to perform and certifying the quality of its services:

  • Certificate # ‘0006.03-2009-7445015325-П-054’ granting the right to carry out design work (including hazardous objects) and to act as a general designer (issued by the Association of Professional Designers ‘RusStroi-proekt’);
  • Certificate # ‘1599.00-2013-7445015325-С-151’ granting the right to carry out construction, erection and commissioning work (including hazardous objects) and to act as a general contractor (issued by the Center of Builders’ Association SFERA-A);
  • Certificate # ‘3810.07-2009-7445015325-С-030’ granting the right to carry out construction, erection and commissioning work (including hazardous objects) and to act as a general contractor (issued by the Self-Regulatory Organisation ‘Union of Construction Companies of the Urals and Siberia’);
  • Certificate of Compliance # ‘РОСС3745.04УЛЛО / СМК.283-13’ verifying compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) (issued by International Legal Center ‘Ekspertiza’);
  • License # ‘74-Б/00028’ for installation, maintenance and repairs of indoors fire safety systems; date awarded: 14/03/2014;
  • Certificate of Attestation # ‘41А150269’ issued by the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation ‘Prombezopasnost-Sibir’ to the Heat Control Laboratory of KonsOM SKS.

Our Team

The company has 200 personnel, including one employee with a Doctor’s degree, 8 employees with PhD degrees and six employees who are working on their PhD theses.

The company employs lead specialists who are certified by Siemens, Schneider Electric, WonderWare, Cisco Systems, Bernecker & Rainer Industrie-Elektronik, Oracle, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, CommScope Company.

Experience and Collaboration

In more than 19 years the company has implemented over 1,800 projects of various scale and complexity in such industries as steel, mining, energy, telecommunications and public governance.

The company has long-term relationships with local organisations that help to streamline the design work and other related work. The company’s close partners include MAGNITOGORSKYI GIPROMEZ, a major design center in the Southern Urals region, and PROKATMONTAZH, a regional construction leader.

Our Customers

The company’s major customers include some of the largest steel makers and industrial giants of Russia, including Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Ural Steel, Prokatmontazh, Kamensk Uralsk Metallurgical Works, Asha Metallurgical Plant, Gazprom neftekhim Salavat, Interkos 4, Uchalinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK, Mikheevsky GOK, Uzbekugol, EuroChem and others.