We offer the following commissioning services as part of turnkey projects.

We do the following scope:

  • fine-tune PLCs, WinCC and other devices;
  • install and tune up system and application software and software tools;
  • check algorithms, logic, and information presentation;
  • update the system software (when needed);
  • create the system and application software backups;
  • install, tune up and update the antivirus software;
  • check and analyse incidents with the help of error messages;
  • check interlocks;
  • change out components as necessary;
  • calibrate instrument channels;
  • test network interface cards and patch cords;
  • test OLMs, electrical modules and Profibus and Ethernet modules to make sure there are no faults;
  • rRenew network interface card and patch cord labels;
  • do driver updates, etc