The design of the control systems organization

Automation of the enterprise activity can hardly be overestimated. That’s why specialists of ZAO «KonsOM SKS» are in a great demand.

Special automation system was created for building relations with customers and consumers, financial and budget management, monitoring sales and purchases, cost calculations, etc. During the process of control systems design it is important to take into account that company’s activity is discrete, it consists of modular software, based on the project technical assignment, and it means that all stages of technical assignment will be done.

Design of supervisory system is realized on the basis of client-server principle. All private users will have access rights to single database.

Thus during the design works of management system it is taken into account that each system, branch or structural unit will have an access to all information, which is generated in the other subsystems.

For ZAO «KonsOM SKS» main stages that are realized during design of control systems are the following: pre-project examination, creation of technical assignment and, as a result – working draft.