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As-built documentation

A critical stage in documentating progress made at a construction site during commissioning. it proves that the work was performed in compliance with applicable regulations and it confirms the actual scope of work peformed

As-built documentation is prepared to demonstrate that the project has actually been accomplished, who was responsible for this or that work scope, what the working environment was and what the current site status is.

As-built documentation is necessary not only for commissioning of an object, but also for future maintenance (servicing or revamping), to reduce future costs and avoid any additional work. That’s why it is important to properly produce such documentation.


Design documentation per GOST (national standards), SNiP (codes of practice in construction), corporate standards:

System solutions Organizational support Information support Hardware Mathematical support Software

Surveys (process control system audits)

Statements of work. GOST 34.602-89

Project related assignments, including assignments for the general contractor

Proposals and quotations

As-built documentation