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Implementation of innovative Industry 4.0 solutions

The world’s leading industrial producers are actively engaged in the transition to industry 4.0 compliant operations. a lot is being said about the advantages of and the need to adopt the current digital technology

The developing Internet, information technology, communication channels, cloud technology and digital platforms, as well as the ever increasing amount of information generated by various sources led to the emergence of open information systems and global industrial networks. This benefitted all today’s economic and business sectors beyond the actual IT sector and provided a step up in the area of industrial automation. The current mission is to implement the Industry 4.0 agenda.


Functional compatibility between an individual and computers: a direct contact via Internet

Information transparency and the ability of cyber physical systems to produce a digital copy of the material world

Computers supporting individuals: information analysis, aggregation of massive arrays of data (including the data needed to perform dangerous tasks)

Decisions can be made automatically with no human involvement