The thermal control of buildings, conducting thermal imaging equipment monitoring

What is thermal control? Special equipment makes shooting of thermal radiation that emanates from objects in infrared specter. Examination process takes place with the help of thermovision display device, which gives a visual image of the thermal fields.

What are the advantages of such inspection? We can name at least five important «pluses»: high sensitivity, non-contacting, user-friendly information display, versatility of use.

Thermal control of buildings in construction gives a great effect, because it detects defects in the thermal insulation. Thanks to thermal control of buildings and constructions it is possible to detect and eliminate heat loss in window openings, doors, walls, and joints. «KonsOM SKS» offers professional services in the sphere of building thermal control.

Infrared Diagnostic of electrical equipment, so-called thermal control of electrical equipment, has its own scopes and standards. Typically, at the initial stages, such defects as temperature changes are manifested. In this case, thermal control of electrical equipment is very effective.

It is possible to estimate status of current-carrying parts by the several parameters, such as the permissible heating temperature, increased or excessive temperature; comparing with other similar equipment or object.

Our company offers services to conduct thermal control of electrical equipment and constructions with the subsequent issuance of the relevant expert’s report.