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Technical support

The growth of domestic businesses emphasises the role of professional support needed by companies, their partners and customers when they face issues with the information services they rely on

All systems developed by the company are covered by a 12-month warranty starting from the day the system is commissioned.

As part of our warranty, we provide the following free-of-charge services:

we ensure availability of the system

we give advice on how to install/set up the system and on the system functionality as described in the supporting documentation

The Customer can request support, advice or documentation at any time using their personal account, by e-mail or phone.


Web portal provides one of the main channels for communicating an incident to our technical support service.

ДCustomers get access to our Technical Support Service via the Web Portal as part of our contractual obligations.


A 24/7 support line for our authorized customers:+7 3519 58-01-25