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Digital Waybill

Companies that deal with large amounts of goods shipped in open-top railway cars often face the need to monitor the contents of each car

What is a Digital Waybill?

The shipping control system is designed to decrease the number of misgraded product cases by detecting such cases during paperwork preparation, loading and while the cars are driven out of the shipping yards.

Purpose of the System

To monitor products being received/moved/shipped in open transport (open-top cars, trucks, roller tables) at control points

To prevent thefts or misgraded goods

To make sure the supporting documentation corresponds to the actual goods being shipped/moved/received

To give the green light for the goods to be shipped/moved/received – Digital Seal

Business processes covered

Problems Tackled

Supporting documents are automatically checked for relevance

Logging of product moving events at control points: time, amount, identification, direction

IDs of transportation units: Transported items

Detected violations are signaled by security systems

A set of tools to look for lost items

Providing information for further analysis


Tags contain coded information about the steel grade, heat number, casting time and weight of the slab


Driving railway cars out of the shipping yard

Installing Balluff smart cameras at the existing portals at shipping yards for:

Checking coils in the car for correspondence Verifying the number of coils

Example of an implemented system. Workstation – Shipping Control

Competitive Advantages

The System ensures the following:

  1. Monitoring of transported items at control points
  2. A minimized number of logistics- or quality-related claims
  3. Verification of supporting documentation
  4. Visualization of alarms and warnings
  5. Signaling of detected violations

Every moving event is logged at control points:

  • Time
  • Quantity
  • Identification
  • Direction

The system is implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art software and hardware

Applicable with open transport (railway cars, trucks, roller tables)

In-built tools are used for searching lost items