System of production automatization

MES.Forward is a unique system developed by ZAO «KonsOM SKS». It automates total production process: from reception of raw materials, to final product release.

Main purpose for MES.Forward – production automatization. Task – reduce lead time for all production process, increase quality of the product, reduce time for paper-work.

MES.Forward system is responsible for:

  • automation of control systems, data collection into a single system which processes different-type information receive from several workshops.
  • creation of a single database for centralized monitoring.

Architecture of MES.Forward system is based on a classical multilevel model with the isolation of integration APCS level.

Main conceptual approaches to the construction of production automation system – are the following: work with information – collection, storage, and etc. In addition, production automation system is associated with data transmission from control level (APCS) to production management level (MES) and enterprise management level (ERP).

Why this system is necessary? Through this process, product quality information and other data about final product release is integrated. Also it is useful because quality management services, production management services, and stock management services, always have up-to-date information about consumed raw materials , about technical capabilities, equipment downtime, and quality of final products.