Modern systems of information and software organizational organization management

According to dictionary “Enterprise management system” – is the overall combination of personnel actions and different tools that business uses to plan, organize and run its operations.

To make automation of the enterprise activity company needs to create an integrated information management system, so ZAO «KonsOM SKS» will take this job. This system is responsible for many processes, among them: relations with customers and consumers, financial and budget management, all features of production management, sales and purchases, stock control, etc.

Software of information management system includes specific modular software, which is created on the basis of technical assignment. It ensures that all points of this technical document will be completed.

Information management system operates on client-server principle. This includes creation of a single database with central access to a single information repository for remote users.
Modern information management systems do not require duplicate data entry; each subsystem that is responsible for exact business-process has an access to all information in real time.

ZAO «KonsOM SKS» takes responsibilities for creating information management system. Process goes in a classical way:

  1. Pre-project inspection;
  2. Qualitative technical assignment;
  3. Software commissioning.

After that, it is important for all employees to get instructions about new system product. At the end of implementation cycle company guarantees maintenance of software, so customer will receive exact result that was planned.