nformation system energy efficiency (ISE AIS “Energouchet”)

It is impossible to increase energy efficiency of the company, if you bypass energy accounting system (ISE AIS Energouchet). It means receiving exact information for analyzing effectiveness of energy consumption by all branches and divisions of the company. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» is a recognized expert in this sphere.

Priority mission for technical energy accounting includes: technical, informational, mathematical, and other types of software. But it has such problems as data diversity which comes from several equipment manufacturers, as well as imperfections in the network infrastructure.

System of energy accounting includes:

1. Energy management, which is responsible for control of company’s energy recourses. Plan for investment attraction and equipment modernization is also a part of energy management;

2. Energy audit, which represents all stages of the complete survey of energy infrastructure. Energy audit reveals causes of energy losses, helps to make fuel and energy balance plan, and to eliminate causes of unreasonable spending.

3. Energy accounting, control and management system (ISE AIS Energouchet). In this case, all information space operates in order to complete all the tasks.