Automated control system of technological processes ACS TP, complex industrial automation systems

Company «KonsOM SKS» provide implementation automatic process control systems for mining companies, also for iron and steel enterprises.

Today pride of place for company’s development goes to implementation of APCS, and it is one of the strategic directions for activities of «KonsOM SKS». Company implements APCS on the basis of three levels: field level (i.e. sensors); basic level of automation, in particular – controllers; and upper level of technology management.

First level of enterprise’s APCS includes automation tools, such as sensors, secondary instrumentation, and control panels. At this level all devices measure physical parameters of the system and convert them into electrical signals. In accordance with these signals technological equipment management is carried out. Logic controllers with input and output system are accomplished on the automation tools at management level. Upper level includes entire control and management system.

Design of APCS complex at first two levels is based on the use of software and hardware provided by leading developers of APCS (Siemens, Schneider Electric, Bernecker&Rainer, ABB). Company’s specialists implement whole complex associated with design of APCS on a «turnkey» basis: from examination to post-guarantee maintenance. In particular, design of technical assignment for APCS, equipment choice, commissioning, personnel training, and programming controllers.