Industry 4.0, for “KONSOM GROUP” innovations

Industry 4.0, for "KONSOM GROUP" innovations

Leading specialists of “KONSOM GROUP” took part in the seminar, the topic of which is currently relevant all over the world – “Introduction to Machine learning, Al (Introduction to machine learning, artificial intelligence).”

“KONSOM GROUP” took part in a seminar for heads of analytical and IT departments of technology companies on February 17, in Moscow, on the site of Digital October Center, the place where meetings of globally thinking professionals of the technological community take place. The topic of the seminar is very urgent nowadays for companies that use and invest in the development of machine learning technologies. The seminar allows not only to get fresh ideas, but to find out what technological solutions are mostly in demand today. 

Leading specialists of “KONSOM GROUP” took part in the seminar. Konstantin Podpryatov (Head of the Department of Automated Control Systems Integration Solutions): “The conference proved to be very useful. The final speech was the best because closely corresponded to the activities of our company. The speaker, using the example of three business tasks, showed effective technical and methodological work with the customer and the subject of automation”. Artem Tsyganok (Head of Marketing and Communications Department): “Such seminars are very useful – it is always an exchange of experience, useful acquaintances and a way to find out from colleagues what they face in the process of commissioning such systems. We get to know the needs of potential customers, what is very important in the formation of new products and solutions of the company”. Sergey Shalak (Leading Engineer of the Department of Automated Control Systems Integration Solutions): “Currently, “KONSOM GROUP’s” permanent customers are the largest industry enterprises that constantly generate a large amount of heterogeneous information. Due to these circumstances, machine learning, as a big data processing tool, deserves particular attention of specialists of our company, especially, given the fact that this class of methods of artificial intelligence is still in the stage of its active development”.

The company “KONSOM GROUP” always pays great attention to the field of innovations, actively develops and introduces such solutions for its Customers. It is this vector of motion that allows the company to be the leading industrial system integrator of the Ural region, Russia and the CIS in the field of industrial automation and Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0, for "KONSOM GROUP" innovationsIndustry 4.0, for "KONSOM GROUP" innovations