Konsom. Interview

«Not business processes for the system, but the system for business processes» / 29.06.2021

Alexandra Valerievna Kochneva, the head of the «Production Management Systems Department», about the Russian software development, business process continuity, MES systems, people and projects of KONSOM GROUP Once upon a...


“Digitalization does not exclude people but improves the workflow”. Interview with Evgenii Khrenov, the head of industrial cyber-physical systems and solutions department, KONSOM GROUP / 18.05.2021

Cyber-physical systems have lived only in foreign science fiction for a long time. Evgenii Khrenov, the Head of Industrial Cyber Physical Systems and Solutions Department of KONSOM GROUP, told how...


From conception to implementation: the department of communication and information technology / 02.03.2021

In 1999 the company started the project activity development. Due to the increasing demands of the IT industry, company needed to expand. It caused the formation of the «Project Department»....