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Preliminary engineering

KonsOM SKS Yekaterinburg is a team of professionals experienced in designing and commissioning of metallurgical machines and complexes.


To conduct a feasibility study
  • Expert analysis of the existing production technology, equipment and production management system
To elaborate relevant solutions
  • Elaboration of a statement of work for a revamping project
  • On-the-job personnel training
  • Coordination of modernization targets with the long-term growth plan
  • Elaboration of a modernization plan
To evaluate vendor proposals
  • Elaboration of vendor selection guidelines
To carry out a plant appraisal
  • Conducting warranty tests
To determine the consumption rates for raw materials and utilities
  • Assessing the possibility to reduce production costs due to plant modernization and adoption of advanced technology
  • Calculating expected proceeds from an increased output, improved quality and reduced production costs
  • Estimating the equipment capital costs


Project support in technical and financial issues

Setting up tenders

Feasibility studies for equipment and processes

Production management optimization

Advice on preparation, design, construction and commissioning

Post-project engineering during erection, commissioning, ramp up and debugging stages

Design supervision

Research and development