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Technology audit and technical consulting

KonsOM SKS Yekaterinburg is a team of professionals experienced in designing and commissioning of metallurgical machines and complexes.


To evaluate the production capacity of a site

To reach a higher return on investment and discover other opportunities

To identify strengths and weaknesses of the adopted processes

To formulate improvement proposals

To raise productivity

To reach a stable product quality and enhance it

To lower the production costs

To expand the product assortment and enter new markets


Process audits help raise your competitiveness and enhance performance while minimizing risks.

Our consulting services encompass energy and energy management audits, as well as environmental and health and safety audits.

A final report is prepared in the end, which can be used for revamping projects.


Experienced staff

Holistic approach

Timely performance

Reasonable prices


Elaboration of revamping plans

Elaboration of project documentation

Management of personnel training

Deployment of a quality management system

Production automation

Preparation of proposals

Project management

Supply of equipment