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Research & development work

KonsOM SKS Yekaterinburg is a team of professionals experienced in designing and commissioning of metallurgical machines and complexes.

Research and development activities constitute another promising business area for KONSOM GROUP. In our R&D work we take into account the customer’s infrastructure, technology level, corporate traditions, ethics, and workforce capacity.

R&D work helps create innovative technology, gain a competitive edge and generate more revenue.


Acquiring and applying new knowledge about nature and society

Implementing innovation portfolios

Determining the level of competitiveness of a new product


Developing a process flow chart from making a workpiece to shipping the final product


Ensuring traceability of the product throughout its life cycle with the opportunity to perform timely corrective and preventative actions

Developing a system for analysing the actual status of rotating equipment


Reduced human factor when analysing the status of rotating equipment

Elaboration of maintenance plans on the basis of the actual status of rotating equipment

Automatic cost estimation, follow-up, generation of purchase orders for spare parts and materials

Better labour discipline and employee commitment

Less emergency downtown or emergency maintenance

Lower production costs

Longer mechanical equipment service life


Less breakdowns or injuries

Time between overhaul increased by 1.5 to 1.7 times

Operating and maintenance costs reduced by 30 to 35 %

25 to 30 % less off-schedule repairs

Understanding the production capacity in casting operations. Developing solutions to enhance the casting performance


Reduced costs related to keeping a gate stock

Reduced energy costs and costs related to refractories due to their reusability

Higher yield