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Planning and scheduling system

It encompasses three separate processes: receiving orders and confirming their feasibility, assigning deadlines and scheduling the production


To achieve a more efficient planning
  • End-to-end planning – from steel making to product shipping – accounting for process constraints and rules
  • Flexibility in selecting and adjusting the plan optimization criteria
  • Quicker generation of plans and a possibility to update them daily
  • Optimized inventory turnover
  • Reserving inventory to satisfy the production needs
Better customer service
  • A shorter waiting time
  • A more accurate assignment of the order dates, i.e. accounting for quotas and available facilities
  • Better delivery performance (OTIF)
  • Possibility to deliver early
Expertise formalized in the system algorithms
  • Accounting for planning rules and the specific features of a production facility
  • Planning while accounting for logistic and production constraints
  • Corporate planning

A modern planning and scheduling system is a response to ever rising market requirements


PLANNING & SCHEDULING SYSTEM. The system is capable to schedule for 1 to 4 months. The system chooses production schemes and groups them so that it looked optimum in terms of planning criteria. The system ensures a continuous plan/actual analysis, which helps adjust the schedule (rolling scheduling). The system combines production schemes to reach optimum planning targets: production cost, utilization of the facilities, timely performance.

Our planning & scheduling system will help you organize your orders choosing a scheduling horizon that would be convenient for everybody; account for all the equipment requirements; improve your production and sales performance; provide the Customer an easy-to-use order execution spreadsheet

Схема. Автоматизация планирования производства


  1. Efficient labour utilization (monitoring of the personnel performance)
  2. Raised production facility utilization rate (optimum machine utilization)
  3. Efficient production planning
  4. Reduced stocking costs
  5. Less work in progress
  6. Less rejects (registration of defect points)
  7. Better customer order execution
  8. Better decision making due to timely provision of necessary management data and reduced human factor


  • Better performance + reduced unit cost
  • Higher process equipment return on investment
  • Equipment utilization increased up to 80%
  • Minimized rates of material and labour costs
  • Increased order execution rate, just-in-time production
  • Through acquisition of all process and quality data in a reference data system, all users get a solid basis for decision making


Global practices demonstrate that the PLANNING & SCHEDULING SYSTEM can be highly efficient and can contribute greatly to the financial performance indicators of a production company.
Here are some of them :

  • Up to 15% rise in production performance
  • Up to 45% increase of the equipment utilization rate
  • Up to 30% less work in progress
  • Up to 40% less inventory
  • Up to 60% improvement in delivery performance


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