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Route generator

«A unique tool that builds all possible production routes for each product based on the order portfolio»


Every minute, it is getting more and more difficult to build supply chains. The most important purpose of planning is to ensure a timely execution of orders per contractual obligations and at optimum cost. Scheduling is an essential part of operations planning for any major production company. Its main task is to provide a detailed production plan in order to ensure adequate and balanced daily operations of a company and its divisions.

Генератор маршрутов. Основное изображение


When generating production routes, ROUTE GENERATOR accounts for machine and process parameters. It offers a unique dynamic tool that is being adopted by steel makers.


Having received a production order, ROUTE GENERATOR analyzes if it will be possible to execute the order. For this, it takes information from the Reference Data and determines with what equipment and by means of what process the order can be executed


After that, ROUTE GENERATOR forms a sequence of production units which can help deliver the order with given characteristics. This creates production flows (or, routes) and an order can follow them from steel melting to loading


A chief process person defines a target production route for a particular product from the order portfolio and gives detailed machine parameters. The final data are then transferred to the Planning & Scheduling System


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