From conception to implementation: the department of communication and information technology

In 1999 the company started the project activity development. Due to the increasing demands of the IT industry, company needed to expand. It caused the formation of the «Project Department». Therefore, the «Department of communication and Information Technology» was founded.

To learn more about the department, we asked a few questions to Julia Guchina, the head of the Department of Communication and Information Technology.

– What is the main purpose of your work? What do you do?

– You know, when you tell a person that you are an engineer, the first reaction is: «Oh, you are an architect!». Everyone associates a project designer with construction. We make drawings, but it has little to do with construction. Our department works on the design of data communication systems, we organize link between devices and sensors on the physical and logical levels.

– Is there any creativity in your work?

– GOST and SNiP takes the most part. However, you can make the process creative when you design the architecture. You have to correct some details during the process, and then choose a certain technology. In any case, you create a part of the project yourself.

– What do you like the most about your work?

– When you see the results. Sometimes we get some crazy ideas that we wrestle with, trying to figure out how to make it work, how to implement it. Nevertheless, you take a grip on yourself and keep on. When it works as intended – it is fascinating… «I did it!»

– What are you proud of?

– In 2019 we took part in a challenging project. We did not know the client well and almost half the department was involved. None of us believed it would work, but finally we have made it. I have to point out that productivity is the advantage of KONSOM GROUP. I used to think that designing is a longstanding process that drags on and on, but now I see: we just got the project, and everything is ready, here it is, it works.

Moreover, the department likes to organize outdoor activities and spend holidays together. Employees arrange lunches, go on quests and have picnics. Most often it happens spontaneously.

– Outdoor activities is the best way to have a rest. We have no time to think about work, in spite of the fact all your colleagues are with you. We can talk about anything.

– How do you see the department in five years?

– I would l like to recruit new employees and to implement a role systematization to make the workflow even more productive.