KONSOM GROUP employees in Opcenter Execution Process Presales

KONSOM GROUP employees took part in Opcenter Execution Process distance training within the framework of the SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE partnership from 18 to 22 May.

Opcenter Execution Process (Ex Pr) is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform for enterprises belonging to hybrid industries (food, chemical, petrochemical). Opcenter Ex Pr is the main part of comprehensive production management system.

Employees have learnt extensibility features to provide customers with a user-friendly interface and to bridge the gap between customer requirements and product features.

The training includes five main system components:

– Equipment management: a single repository for equipment management, where both the equipment itself and its interrelationships are defined.

– Material management: storage facilities that define raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods in production.

– Inventory management: materials movement tracking through the production chain and keeping inventories up to date.

– Manufacturing Workflow Management: defining manufacturing processes including all of the above components. The possibility to integrate third-party software components such as quality control systems or laboratory sample and test management systems due to the management model of operators and automation elements.

– Manufacturing Workflow Execution: actual orchestration of machine and equipment operators, automation elements and other software components.

All employees have received certificates of competition and learned basic presales manager skills: product functionality and demo machine demonstration.

KONSOM GROUP employees in Opcenter Execution Process Presales KONSOM GROUP employees in Opcenter Execution Process Presales