Work done, have your fun

Work done, have your fun

Michael Jordan once said: «Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.»Teamwork is very important in modern business environment. Positive emotional relationships are often valuable and necessary within the team.

Team building is highly effective for a better micro-climate within the company and for work that is more productive. It was proven in practice a long time ago. The company KONSOM GROUP devotes a lot of time to this issue and regularly holds all sorts of activities for the team. Recently an unusual event was organized for the heads of departments and the company management in the culinary studio «Basilic», for example. Preparing dishes under the control of the chef and then enjoy tasting it, spending time together. What could be better? At least the managers loved it!

Aleksey Chistyakov (KONSOM GROUP Head of Procurement Department):

«It’s an excellent event depending on the choice of place and the format. I liked the opportunity to hear different opinions about seemingly unambiguous processes. Well, informal communication in a pleasant atmosphere is always satisfying».

Aleksey Lavrenov (KONSOM GROUP Head of Production Department):

«It was a very good event! Besides that it was interesting from the point of view of approach and organization, it was useful for developing communication skills and increasing the efficiency of interaction in the internal environment. The activity was productive from the point of view of distraction from basic duties and complete immersion. Moreover, it was delicious! We completed the task as assigned. The work results will be consolidated and submitted for approval, and the positive emotions, impressions, new skills acquired during the “culinary pause” will remind us about this day for a long time».

Sergey Shalak (KONSOM GROUP Head of Business Analysis Department):

«What an excellent event format: a combination of working sessions on the tasks of the company, with a break for a joint dinner in a friendly atmosphere. At the end of the working day, everyone went home well-fed and also feeling that the first step towards resolving actual tasks of the organization was made».

Work done, have your fun