Advanced Access Control Systems (Security Systems)

KonsOM SKS is engaged in designing and implementation of advanced integrated and stand-alone Access Control Systems while complying with all applicable standards.

Security Systems ensure access control within a property, work time logging and personnel tracking, safety of personnel and visitors, as well as safety of valuables and information.

Benefits Provided by Advanced Integrated Access Control Systems:

  • convenient for large properties (i.e. industrial sites);
  • support of photo verification;
  • integratable with security and fire alarm systems;
  • surveillance and utility systems;
  • possibility to use wireless technologies;
  • electronic access control.

Stand-alone Access Control Systems provide a better cost efficiency and are easy to operate, service, and commission.

The drawbacks of stand-alone systems include the lack of such functionality as reporting, work time logging, transfer and generalization of event data, or remote control.