Industrial CCTV, Video Surveillance and Security Systems

Video Surveillance System is an integrated software and hardware package that ensures video surveillance at protected areas.

It can be implemented as a stand-alone security system or as a component of integrated security systems. Such systems can be employed at industrial sites, warehouses, or as part of the railway infrastructure of a production site.


  • Enhanced security.
  • Prevention of trespassing.
  • Prevention of embezzlement or thefts.
  • High efficiency of personnel tracking .
  • Less security personnel required.


  • Real-time surveillance and event logging.
  • Real-time monitoring of production sites, including the areas with poor visibility.
  • Real-time monitoring of video cameras.
  • Integration of separate video surveillance systems installed by a large company with multiple locations into a single software and hardware complex.

System Components

  • Video cameras: Analog or IP cameras.
  • Digital video recorder: A device that collects video data from one or more cameras for processing, archiving or further transmission to workstations. Depending on the customer’s requests, common computers equipped with video capture boards can be used as video recorders.
  • The video cameras and workstations are integrated into a single network infrastructure.
  • Software: A set of programmes defining the algorithm of the system.

For our industrial CCTV systems, we rely on hardware and software supplied by industry leaders, such as Bosch, Dallmeier and others.

System Functions

  • Round-the-clock surveillance with multi-display and full-screen features.
  • Video camera status monitoring.
  • Non-stop video recording.
  • Event-triggered recording.
  • Warning lights and horns in case of alarm (when using video motion detectors or intruder detection sensors).
  • Warning lights and horns in case of camera failure.
  • Availability of video data from any of the cameras by date and time.
  • Availability of real-time video data from any of the cameras for checking the quality.

The functionality of the system can be enhanced by adding new features in order to meet the Customer’s needs.