Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems

Today video management system is a hardware and software system, which aims to ensure safety of the guarded areas by using video cameras. Installation and maintenance of VMS is carried out by specialized companies with professional personnel.

ZAO «KonsOM SKS» provides customer with installation and maintenance of highest quality VMS from leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Dallmeier and many others.

Video management systems can act as a non-integrated system or as part of control system at the enterprise. Installation and maintenance of video management system can be made at workshops, warehouses and even at transport facilities.

Main tasks for VMS are: security of the company or enterprise, prevention of thefts and if needs – employees monitoring. This system gives an opportunity to reduce headcounts of security guards.

What does VMS consist of?

  • Analog or digital video cameras;
  • Video recorder, which accumulates data from cameras;
  • Network which brings together entire video data;
  • Program software.

Due to customer’s request and tasks that are set to be solved, functional features at installation and maintenance process of VMS can be modified; additional installation of video systems can be done.