The installation and maintenance of security and fire alarm

Assembly of fire and security alarm is a complex set of technical devices for fire detection, as well as monitoring of unauthorized entry to the guarded area. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» provides design, maintenance, assembly and installation of fire alarm systems.

Assembly of fire and security alarm as a single system is possible only on centralized monitoring and management level. In this case, assembly of fire and security alarm should take place independently in each control station, while they preserve autonomy within fire and security alarm system.

Fire and security alarm timely notifies security guards about unauthorized access, attempts of breaking into building or individual rooms, also it can record date, time and place of violation or place where fire was detected. Assembly of this system involves formation of special signals for fire alarm systems.

Technical resources provide main functions of FAS. While this system is assembling, special signaling devices, peripheral devices, alarm monitoring and receiving equipment for processing and recording alarm controls is installed.

In addition to these functions, fire alarm system forms commands for activation of automatic fire-extinguishing systems and smoke exhaust systems. It is important to note that modern fire alarm systems are equipped with its own advanced warning function.