Automation and dispatching of engineering systems of buildings, monitoring systems and dispatching control of engineering equipment

Building automation, automation of engineering systems functions because of new automation systems. Each system is an independent, separate from other APCS software and hardware complex. It is intended for automation of engineering systems of a certain technical process.

In modern conditions it is impossible to implement new production facilities without their integration into existing information infrastructure of the enterprise. Otherwise it would make industrial process control very complicated and would have made adjacent systems work incorrect, because all systems need to have information about new equipment.

Almost all developers of modern building automation systems and automation engineering systems offer solutions related to support modern data exchange protocols. This makes possible to transmit data at higher levels of supervising buildings engineering systems.

Building management system combines all process information and provides company with great advantages. For example, appears a single point of access to all process information, and ability to provide a common, unified view of technical processes and status of all engineered building systems at the enterprise.

Among other things, it is about creating a production management control system, and about process analysis of information coming from lower management levels, such as product quality control, or, for example, making a production facility log-report.

Creating BMS systems of any size is possible with software of ZAO «KonsOM SKS» – «PARADIGMA». In particular, creation of local Building Management Systems, management systems of work site, management of engineered building systems, and central control unit for the entire enterprise.

Automation systems based on «PARADIGMA» help to monitor status of all equipment and technical process in on-line mode, to consolidate information about energy expenditure, monitor emergency situations; exchange data among MES levels of adjacent systems.

«PARADIGMA» allows displaying data on mnemonic schemes of any other software product. Data visualization occurs on Flash-based technology. This provides customers and developers with independence in carrying out the project of engineering systems automation and management.