Диспетчерский контроль производства, комплекс средств диспетчерского управления

Priority task of supervisory management tools – is to increase impact usage of the control object. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» decides this mission during installation of supervisory control at the enterprise.

Complex of supervisory production control reduces time for tasks execution through the work with information, in particular retrieval and collection of data. Documentation procedures and calculations are optimized.

Dispatching management tools are necessary for engineering equipment control, which is located in different places of enterprise, or even in hard-to-reach-places.

Complex of supervisory control is arranged on the basis «from workshop to unit» which means that functions of supervisory control are distributed between several levels.

Specialists of «KonsOM SKS» take responsibilities for all stages of supervisory control implementation, begins from examination, ends with post-guarantee maintenance. In particular, company is ready to provide customer with professional services for development of technical assignment, project documentation, software development and personnel training.