Integration of APCS at the enterprise

As the level of technology management, automatic process control system is created by local systems. In order to work with technical process ZAO «KonsOM SKS» creates APCS as an independent software and hardware complex.

But under current conditions for new production facilities it is necessary to make complete integration of APCS into information base of the enterprise. For such integration of APCS supply contractor s generate data exchange capabilities. Integration of automated process control system helps to organize single sign-on access to all technical information. Also, it helps to build a system of supervisory control and to expand manufacturing execution system (MES).

Company has a unique proposal to create a single infosphere – «PARADIGMA», a modern software package. It is integration platform for different-type data collection, unification and transfer of information to the upper level of management (MES). Thus, «PARADIGMA» integrates heterogeneous APCS.