Automation systems of industrial enterprises

If we follow encyclopedic definition: Automation of the enterprise activity means creation of unified information system, which is required for multiple processes.

Among those processes are: building relations with customers and consumers, receiving unified information environment, financial and budget management, monitoring sales and purchases of new equipment and supplies, stock control, cost calculations, etc.

Today automation system, which focuses on reducing energy consumption and product cost, is an essential part of the enterprise. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» is a recognized professional in this sphere.

All stages of MES-systems implementation, production management, logistics management, integration systems, and data transmission systems can be included to industrial automatization.

Automation of enterprise activity implemented by ZAO «KonsOM SKS» goes by the following procedure:

  1. Pre-project inspection;
  2. Qualitative technical assignment;
  3. Software commissioning.

After that, all employees get instructions about new system product. At the end of implementation cycle company guarantees maintenance of software, so customer will receive exact result that was planned.