Systems of automation of warehouse management

It is difficult to find a company that will create a warehouse automation management system at production site better than ZAO «KonsOM SKS». Be exact – production warehouse, which is located at production site, or close to the production.

These types of warehouses are able to store all types of products: from samples to the final products. At these warehouses pre-sales procedures, such as marking can be done. The most important thing for warehouse management automation system – is optimization of resources use, and division of the products by the stages of production process.

Production warehouses have its own specifics: at the same time it is necessary to consider stock of raw materials, final products and semi-finished products, flawed products, and remaining space at the warehouse.

It is important to note that warehouse automation management system – is an important element of the MES.Forward system. It is associated with several systems: process management, production planning and accounting, and quality control. Calculations include resources consumption and production reports.