Scheduling of production and technological processes, the Russian system of scheduling production

Production supervision is an association of constant monitoring and coordination of the enterprise production processes management.

Production supervision systems – are very important part of ZAO «KonsOM SKS» work, its priority task is to increase effectiveness of all production components. This task is solved in the following ways:

  1. Changes in growth of management efficiency. Time for execution of all tasks is ensured by reducing processes of working with information, calculations and optimization of documentation procedures.
  2. Reduce labor costs of persons who make decisions while performing additional supervisory control processes. For example, we are talking about labor-intensive information and settlement processes. Because of production supervision system control personnel is excused from technical works, so employees can focus on development of control systems.

Process supervision is required to control engineering equipment, which is geographically located at great distance from each other and even in areas with limited access.

Organization of process supervision is structured on the principle «from workshop to unit». Functions of supervisory monitoring and control are separated.

Specialists of «KonsOM SKS» have developed a Russian process supervision system that can perform entire range of tasks assigned by customer.

Company’s specialists implement automated supervision systems on a turnkey basis: from examination to post-guarantee maintenance. In addition, specialists of «KonsOM SKS» provide customer with development of software and technical assignment, commissioning, and personnel training.