The system of vibration monitoring

High quality systems of vibration monitoring by ZAO «KonsOM SKS» have vibration sensors that are installed in a constant mode, through which amplifiers, data processing and storage devices interact constantly. Data collection is carried out without interruptions. Main task of vibration monitoring system – is to find differences between normal and off-normal status of equipment.

ZAO «KonsOM SKS» made major functions of vibration monitoring as company’s priority:

  • Processing of information received from vibration sensors and adjacent APCS.
  • Non-stop monitoring of vibration parameters.
  • Forming database of vibration parameters and equipment.
  • Alarm warning if there are off-normal vibrations.
  • Trend tracking.
  • Transfer of information in user-friendly form.

Vibration monitoring implements a visual display of equipment status. Vibration monitoring is implemented using Flash- technology and “thin-client” technology. It means that no special additional programs are necessary. It is possible to view information via standard browsers, for instance, Microsoft Internet Explorer.