Tracking system based on RFID technology

Company «KonsOM SKS» offers RFID-system – solution that is based on modern methods of radio-frequency identification. RFID-system allows monitoring transport on the industrial facility site of enterprise; workshops and offices that are geographically distributed. This tracking system provides visual control and obtains current information about movement of railway vehicles – railcars, locomotives, platforms, and etc.


  • Collects data that is located at the control points of reading devices.
  • Identifies tags of railroad transport, its movement and location.
  • Controls railway transport movement, as well as its getting in and out of the dead-ends. Moreover, it controls movement time and downtime.
  • Integrates with accounting systems in the workshops to gather information about the cargo, in particular it gives info if transport unit is empty or not.
  • Creates and keeps database with reference information.
  • Diagnoses hardware performance, operation ability.
  • Makes data available for all users.
  • Makes reports.

RFID-tags, RFID-Readers, system server and workstations for users, software, and network infrastructure are included into access system of RFID.

RFID-system is designed to work with operational information.