Data Processing and Storage Centers

АDue to their active development today’s businesses constantly face new IT challenges. Today’s companies tend to introduce new applications and information systems, which have to have high capacities to be able to process and store huge amounts of data. At some point such companies realize that what they need is an in-house data processing and storage center.

KonsOM SKS offers various data processing and storage solutions for major businesses seeking to have their computers and telecommunication devices housed and serviced within a single facility.


  • Consolidation of your company’s information resources.
  • Efficient processing and secured storage of large amounts of data.
  • The Center can be built in multiple remote locations.
  • Robustness, including during power outages or when one of the Center’s site is not available.


  • Servers include a set of servers meant for different applications plus the necessary software.
  • Data storage system includes data storage devices, a data storage network, and a data back-up and archiving system.
  • Utility infrastructure includes power supply systems, fire-fighting systems, air conditioning systems, and a SYSTIMAX based structured cabling system.
  • Network infrastructure includes fiber optic communication lines and security tools.
  • Data center software includes data center management systems and supervisory control systems.


KonsOM SKS provides a full range of services related to Data Processing and Storage Centers – from designing to infrastructure and software maintenance:

  • development of the concept for creating large-scale data processing centers;
  • choosing the right solution;
  • supply and deployment of servers, data storage systems, and data back-up and replication systems;
  • building the Center’s infrastructure;
  • delivery and set-up of the Center’s infrastructure management system.