Designing and creating data processing centers (DPC)

Growth of modern companies is impossible without active implementation of IT-development projects. Companies use latest information products for processing and storing information, which increase its amount every day. Usual processing capacity is not enough. As a result, company needs to create data storage and processing center. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» is leader in design DPC of all difficulty levels for large enterprises.

DPC objectives are the following:

  • Get together all enterprise information resources.
  • Effective process and safe storage of information reserves.
  • Opportunity to place data centers at places, which are distanced from each other.
  • Creation of conditions for sustainable behavior in emergency cases, such as failures in electrical connection or unavailability of communication.
  • Remote control of engineering units.

Design architecture of DPC consists of such components as: servers and software; data storage, backup and archiving devices. Moreover it consists of engineering infrastructure, in particular, air-conditioning , uninterruptible power supply systems, automated gas extinguishing systems, and cable system based on SYSTIMAX.

Of course, fiber-optic communication lines, as well as network security tools are very important. Final essential component – is infrastructure software, such as DPC information infrastructure management systems.