Enterprise automation system

According to encyclopedic definition, main principle of the enterprise automation system – is scheduling and management of company’s activities. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» takes this task during the development and implementation of automation systems.

Automation of the enterprise means creation of unified information system, which is required for all stages of production management: building relations with customers, stock control; management of money flow, sales and purchases, budget and status reports.

Automation system consists of specific modular software, which is built on the basis of technical assignment specification. It ensures that all tasks and wishes of the customer will be done.

All subsystems operate on the client-server principle, so remote and local users have an access to information base. Also, each system that is responsible for exact business-process has an access to all information of other subsystems in real time.
ZAO «KonsOM SKS» implement automation systems in the classical way: from pre-project examination and design of technical assignment, to software program management