Design and installation of structured cabling systems, engineering networks

Design of SCS creates a foundation for the entire enterprise information system. Process of designing SCS networks combines different information services, including local area networks, telephony, video management systems and etc.

ZAO «KonsOM SKS» is a recognized professional in this sphere, because 20 years ago company started its work with design and installation of structured cable systems. According to «KonsOM» this area of services is very important for business development. For high quality of SCS design, company has certified professionals in design of SCS networks, as well as professionals in installation and development of structured cabling system «Systimax ® SCS». 20 years warranty certificate for design of cabling system from system manufacturer CommScope Company (AT & T, Lucent Technologies, AVAYA Communications) is issued.

Today «KonsOM SKS» is a unique company that has right to design Systimax systems. Geography of structured cabling system design is very wide. Mainly, it is Ural region except Magnitogorsk; many cities in the Chelyabinsk region and Bashkortostan. Customer of structured cabling system development is MMK (about 100 sites).

«KonsOM» provides market with low-cost solutions which meet optimal “price-quality” ratio: UniPrice (CommScope), SignaMAX (AESP), Molex, AMP, and etc.

In any case, main features of «KonsOM» in the SCS construction sphere are the following:

  • Modularity;
  • Easy commissioning;
  • Cost effectiveness.