Information Security: fight or fear?

Information Security: fight or fear?

The Positive Technologies Company held the VIII International Forum on Practical Information Security called Positive Hack Days in Moscow on May 15-16. This is one of the key events in the world of information security.

More than 5,000 professionals from all over the world discussed the most critical issues of information security, including vulnerabilities in Internet of things devices  (IoT), mobile devices and other systems, their protection, vulnerability testing (pentest), burglary prevention, ACS TP systems and infrastructure breakdown, breaking into bank accounts and ending with APT-attacks aimed at specific organizations and much more.

The KONSOM GROUP Company cannot pay great attention to information security: information security of intellectual property is of special value for both business and the entire state and international economy in modern conditions. Information security, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property objects ensure successful development and stable income. Technologies are adopted to use intellectual property of other owners more and more often. The property includes the entire cycle: from development and production, to implementation, services delivery and operation of technological processes.

Nikita Romanenko, Head of Information Security at KONSOM GROUP: “In my opinion, Positive Hack Days is an event that every specialist dealing with information security and cyber threats must attend.” This forum addressed today’s issues. If you are not on trend and not familiar with software and hardware vulnerabilities and ways to deal with hacker attacks, you expose yourself to the risks of being attacked by intruders. Positive Hack Days will be interesting for information security specialists in any field of activity of information technologies. It is practically any organization from small to large business due to global computerization. After all, small stores with cash registers and global corporations may be attacked. The key to deal with cyberthreats is being on trend. You can find all necessary information on trends at Positive Hack Days. “

The Technical Manager of KONSOM GROUP information security Dmitriy Tsyganok: “Honestly, after attending this forum, I had mixed feelings about everything that had been happening in the world of cybersecurity. On the one hand, it is certain that such events are caught in the middle of information security and attract major customers. On the other hand, it has become clearer, that the nature of the hacker is very ephemeral. Let us think about this topic: for example, he developed a threat of a new generation today, spread information about the latest “monster” and its antidote in the professional community, and tomorrow he used that very threat. Overall, the one who had time to update the signatures and the software is protected, all the rest are infected. Joke is a joke, but we need to understand what world we live in. It is a world where everything is intertwined. The line between permissible and permissiveness was erased a long time ago. It is taking a new digital look in the age of digitalization of threats to business and the state. To sum up, I think it is worth returning to the slogan of the forum participants: “The era of safe Internet has come to an end and we will have to accept this. Therefore, we will have to defend ourselves”.

KONSOM GROUP and Positive Technologies agreed on the first stage of cooperation and determined organizational and technical measures to provide information security at the beginning of the year.

Information Security: fight or fear?Information Security: fight or fear?Information Security: fight or fear?