Dispatching control and controlling, automated systems of dispatching organization

Supervisory control concentrates operational control and at the same time serves as a production management. Main task of the automatic supervision systems – is to increase efficiency of work, and as a result – company’s revenue. ZAO «KonsOM SKS» uses this approach, providing monitoring and control services.

Which results does automated system of supervisory control and audit bring?

First, is management efficiency growth. Reducing spent time is achieved by working with information collection and transmission, calculations and documents copying. Secondly, supervisory control system leads to the optimization of decision-makers time. Thus, managers don’t need to do auxiliary but labor-intensive work, so they receive time for generation of new solutions and tasks.

Automatic supervision system is necessary for equipment control, which is located in different places of enterprise, or even in hard-to-reach-places.

Automated system of supervisory control has hierarchical structure – «from workshop to unit». Functions of supervisory control and monitoring are divided between different levels. Specialists of  ZAO «KonsOM SKS» have a great experience in installation of such systems on a «turnkey basis». This includes all implementation works – from examination to warranty maintenance. Also, it is creation of project documentation, commissioning, and personnel training.